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What is Derma-roller and how is it used?

Micro-needling is a great anti-aging therapy. It is very popular because it provides results on par with cosmetic plastic surgery, but without the discomfort and expense. Micro needling involves rolling a Derma Roller with hundreds of little needles across your face or body to stimulate collagen growth. The needles, when gently pressed against your skin with even pressure, create tiny punctures. This, in turn, activates your self-healing mechanisms and rejuvenates the derma rolled skin. Derma rollers have been known to diminish issues like wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and shrinking lips.

Can a Derma Roller Help Acne Scars?

Acne is a common skin problem that can affect both teenagers and adults. Having to deal with acne itself is bad enough, but acne can also leave behind permanent scars.Acne scarring can really have a negative impact on your self-esteem and quality of life. It can destroy your confidence and cause you to miss out on experiences you would normally enjoy because you feel so self-conscious. You may feel anxious and/or depressed about the way your skin looks.Thankfully, the derma roller can help acne scars.

How does the derma roller repair acne scarring?

The derma roller (or derma stamp) works by causing a ‘mini-trauma’ to the skin, activating the skin’s healing process. New collagen and elastin is produced, creating brand new skin cells that will fill out any pitted scars or indentations. At the same time, scar tissue is ‘tricked’ into dividing and is gradually broken down.After a few treatments, scar tissue starts to contract and hyperpigmentation begins to fade. The derma roller also thickens the skin, which simultaneously makes scars less visible. With time and continued treatments, most scar tissue is removed and replaced with smooth, healthy skin.Using a derma roller also creates channels through which products can penetrate to deeper skin layers and therefore work much more effectively than they would normally. Combining derma roller treatment with the right products can dramatically speed up the repair process.Vitamin C serum is the secret weapon in scar removal. Our bodies need Vitamin C to produce collagen and using vitamin C serum in conjunction with a derma roller/derma stamp combines collagen production with new skin cell generation. Vitamin C also fights hyperpigmentation by preventing melanin production. This is beneficial when treating acne scars, as it helps to fade the marks left behind by acne and/or acne scars.

How long does it take to see the results?

Repairing the skin with a derma roller is a relatively gentle way of treating acne scars, and as such, although it can be very effective, results can take a bit longer than more drastic treatments. Most people notice some improvement after a couple of months, with significant scar reduction being seen in six months to a year.Because increased collagen production continues for a long time after a derma roller treatment, skin improvement continues for up to 12 months after the last treatment.

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