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All on 6 implants

Mukha Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center

All on 6 Dental Implants

The conventional all on 6 concept is the standard of care for full arch rehabilitation with dental implants when the quality and the quantity of the alveolar jaw bone is excellent.

By placing 6 implants in each jaw, molar to molar rehabilitation is possible giving a minimum of 12 crowns. These are time tested, long lasting solutions which help in restoring normal form and function

Are you a candidate for all on 6 dental implant concept?

Anybody with an adequate amount of jaw bone in the upper and the lower jaw is a good candidate for this all on 6 dental impant concept. Age is not a barrier. Our oldest patient at Mukha facial surgery & dental implant center for all 6 is a 92 year old lady.

A patient education video to educate and enhance patient knowledge regarding dental implants. A contribution from Mukha Facial Surgery and Dental Impalnt Center, Bangalore, India.

Cosmetic facial surgeries at affordable prices.

At Mukha find out how you can also look great and feel fabulous.
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Educate, enhace and empower

At Mukha we belive in educating, enhacing and empowering our patients lives

Dr Girish and his team at Mukha believes that brining in improvements to people's face brings in a lot more confidence and postiveness in them. We strive hard to educate and make our patients understand about their present condition, treatment and improvements that they can achieve by undergoing these procedures.

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Mukha Facial Surgery & Implant Center Helping people in all aspects of facial surgerical needs and dental implant solutons. Mukha facial surgery is a dedicated Oral & Maxillofacial surgical center in South Bangalore, at Jayangar 8th Block, Karnataka State, Bangalore city, India