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Dental Implants Post Surgical Care

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How to take care of your dental implants?

Just like a new car needs to be serviced on a regular basis, following implant placement post-op care is very vital for the long term success of the treatment. Routine home care which involves brushing twice a day use of dental floss, interproximal brush and a water pic usage can help you in keeping the implants and the surrounding bone and soft tissue in prestine health.

It is also absolutely imortant that routine followups with your own dentist or specialist helps in early detection of any problem and addressing this can prevent major problems which if unattended can lead to the loss of implant.

What are the symptoms of a dental implant rejection?

Mandoator six months post-operative check up and routine x rays once a year helps in the long term success of the implant treatment.

What are the common problems post implant treatment and how to combat it?

One of the commonest problem is the prosthesis becoming loose. This happens because the very fine screw which fixes the abutment to the impalnt can become loose because of the constant biting forces. If this condition is left unattended the aboutment screw can fracture within the implant and sometimes retrieving the screw would be impossible leading to the implant being non restorable and non functional.

Enlarged gums around the implant, spontaneous bleeding or bleeding while brushing, pus discharge around the implant indicates the onset of infection which could lead to implant failure. This can be very easily prevented by meticulous oral hygiene care, by brushing twice a day, flossing and the use of water pic. If you find any signs of infection, please contact the dental office immediately.

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